Getting Rid of Unwanted Guests

squirrels in the attic dallas

This isn’t an article about getting rid of your in-laws, but is instead an article about clearing the pests from your attic! There’s nothing scarier than going up to the attic to get some lights or old boxes, and coming back down after you hear a noise. Animals in your attic can make a mess of the place at best, and completely destroy wires and insulation at the worst.

It’s in your best interest to get rid of animals in your attic as soon as you can, especially if you find animal droppings, nests, and damaged items and insulation. Or if you hear sounds like purring and scurrying at night, that can signal that you have creatures like squirrels in the attic dallas.

Thankfully, if you don’t find a nest, then it’s entirely possible that the animal got stuck in your house. So, make sure to keep yourself and everyone else away from it. Open some doors and windows and see if you get the animal to leave on its own. If you can’t, or if there are baby animals in the area then you need to call professional help.

For most rats and mice that come into an attic, traps can take care of most of them and then they can be removed. Squirrels can be removed by sealing all the entry gaps and only leaving one way for them to exit. Then, one they all leave by that exit, you can seal it up.

For bigger animals like raccoons, sealing the entry holes and installing a one-way door for them to go through is a good idea. Make sure that they don’t have babies with them before you do this, otherwise, you could lock the mother out. Do a thorough check of your attic before installing any devices to make sure you aren’t endangering any babies. No one wants that!