How to Adopt a Dog

Much like having a baby, adopting a pet brings new life into your home, and comes with a lot of questions and decisions. What size and breed will you get? Can your home handle it? What do you need to take into consideration before you agree on a type of dog?

First, you need to pick a size. If you’ve got a lot of room and are an outdoorsy person, then you’ll want a big dog with a lot of energy. If you like sitting on the couch and need someone to snuggle with, then looking for goldendoodle puppies for sale near me could be a good idea. Once you have a size picked out, then you need to agree on a breed.

Research a few different breeds and you’ll see their specific needs and things owners should do for them. If you fulfill those requirements and feel that that dog will be the best type of fit for your family, then look at different ways to adopt. Often, you need a lease and other papers, and you might even want to check with your apartment to make sure they allow dogs.

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Then once you have all the steps in place, dog proof your home and try to agree on rules for the dog beforehand if you live with another person. If one partner wants the dog to sit away from the table during meals and the other is okay with letting the dog roam around, then you need to come up with rules that everyone agrees on.

This ensures that you have a firm knowledge of what your rules are, and you can then transfer that to your dog to reduce behavioral problems. Once everything is done, then you can go to the shelter and pick out your puppy!