What is a Keeshond?

A Keeshond is a very hairy dog that almost looks like a Pomeranian, and they are Spitz dogs. They’ve got fox-like ears, a fluffy coat, and ‘spectacles.’ The spectacles are little marks around the eyes that make the Keeshonds look like they are wearing eyewear and even make them look more intelligent and alert. Plus if you are the glasses wearing type, then your dog will match you once you know where to get a keeshond!

The history of this dog shows how hardworking it is, and how much they love people. They would serve as watchdogs in Holland, joining their masters on the riverboats and barges, and that love of people still carries with them today. They will imprint on your family and act as a constant and loyal companion, especially to any young children.

They are very sensitive to the family dynamic, and will always be friendly, affectionate, and great with kids, strangers, and other dogs. They aren’t the type of dog that enjoys being alone, or being stuck out in the hot weather (and with that coat who could blame them!) However, they are very tolerant of the cold.

The fluffy coat does have the drawback of shedding a lot, so you’ll be sweeping through with the vacuum cleaner every so often. But other than that they are easy to groom and are generally healthy dogs. They do need a lot of exercise, and taking the dog out to play with the family is something that everyone will enjoy.

where to get a keeshond

With the right exercise and people to play with, a Keeshond can live for up to 15 years. Make sure that you and your family find the nearest Keeshond, and once you adopt it you will find a loving and loyal playmate. It’s everything you’d want in a dog.