When You Board The Dog, You Are Not Neglecting It

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These things happen in life. It is not the end of the world when it does happen. So, do not despair when it does happen to you. Not just to you, but to your dog as well. So, what just happened? Here is what happened. You are what is known as a typical homebody. And your dog loves this about you. Because it turns out that he gets to spend all the time in the world with you. Because of course, you are at home most of the time.

You are one of the many in this day and age that work from home. In the beginning, it was not always easy to adjust but soon you got the hang of it and you started to enjoy your newfound freedom. And the only time you ever got to say; no sir, yes sir, three bags full sir, was to your clients. And to your little master? No more nine to five loathing and no more waiting at the gate for you to arrive home from work.

Late (again?) or just in time for me to go and fetch your newspapers and slippers sir? No, no need. They are now delivered online. And I’m in the house already. Yippee-yay! But then we must still go for our walk? True that. But then it happens. You really have to go away. Your grandma just died. And she and the rest of the family are on the other side of the country. Or rather, you are, where a dog boarding sacramento ca stay is now going to have to be arranged.

This is yet another big step in life for you and your dog. Will he miss you? More than likely, but he’ll be more than alright too.